Slept-on music texted out every Friday.

Group discussions in Discord.
Metalcore book club.
Your data is not for sale. You are not a product. Your number will only be used for Unslept text messages.


How does Unslept work?

Give us your number, we send you music to check out, then we discuss in Discord. Already heard the music we sent this week? That's okay. Listen again and share your thoughts.

What countries do you support?

If your country is supported by Twilio you'll be able to receive text messages. If your country isn't supported, feel free to join the Discord anyway, we'll post drops there too!

What's in the Discord community?

Conversations about music.

There's something about being an extremely passionate music fan that makes you want to discuss everything about it. The Unslept Discord is the place for exactly that. Free from judgement and gatekeepers, it's designed for you to geek out about your favorite bands, new releases, and have a direct line of communication with Unslept's team.

Why is Unslept so... metal?

The metal and hardcore communities are criminally underserved. Metal fans are also the most loyal fans, according to Spotify research.

Is it free?

Unless you still pay per text or you're roaming in a far away land, it's free. Texting and data rates may apply depending on your carrier.

Can I unsubscribe?

Yep, very easily! Just text "Unsubscribe" and you're out.

I have another question not answered here.

Reach out to us on Discord in the #help channel or email us at